Icosahedron Calculator


Icosahedron  -  a three dimensional geometrical figure, it consists of 20 triangle shaped sides that form 12 vertices and 30 edges. The name comes from the greek είκοσι (eíkosi) meaning twenty and εδρα (hédra) that stands for seat.

Equation form:

Surface Area (SA) = 5 * a² * √3
Volume (V) =5 * (3 + √5) * a³
Volume (VC) of circumscribed sphere about icosahedron with edge a:
VC =(√(10 + 2 * √5))³ * π * a³
Volume (VI) of inscribed sphere in icosahedron with edge a:
VI =(√3*(3 + √5))³π * a³

About Icosahedron Calculator tool.

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