Metric Unit Conversion





most often used measurement conversion

pico to atto (p to a) converter
1 pico (p) is equal 1000000 atto (a) use this converter
atto to pico (a to p) converter
1 atto (a) is equal 1.0E-6 pico (p) use this converter
nano to micro (n to µ) converter
1 nano (n) is equal 0.001 micro (µ) use this converter
micro to nano (µ to n) converter
1 micro (µ) is equal 1000 nano (n) use this converter
milli to mega (m to M) converter
1 milli (m) is equal 1.0E-9 mega (M) use this converter
mega to milli (M to m) converter
1 mega (M) is equal 1000000000 milli (m) use this converter
giga to tera (G to T) converter
1 giga (G) is equal 0.001 tera (T) use this converter
tera to giga (T to G) converter
1 tera (T) is equal 1000 giga (G) use this converter
peta to tera (P to T) converter
1 peta (P) is equal 1000 tera (T) use this converter
tera to peta (T to P) converter
1 tera (T) is equal 0.001 peta (P) use this converter


Metric - the internationally acknowledged system of measurement based on a decimal division. It’s been introduced in 1799. Today the USA is the sole industrialised country that uses the imperial system instead of the metric system.

accessible units

yocto (y), zepto (z), atto (a), femto (f), pico (p), nano (n), micro (µ), milli (m), centi (c), deci (d), base, deka (da), hecto (h), kilo (k), mega (M), giga (G), tera (T), peta (P), exa (E), zetta (Z), yotta (Y)

About Metric Unit Conversion tool.

This Unit Conversion program uses custom rounding routines to avoid results such as 3.9999999999 instead of 4.  It rounds the result to 13 significant digits instead of rounding to some number of decimal places, therefore producing superior results for very big or very small initial values and conversion factors.  It accepts scientific notation and converts immediately.