Unit conversion

Welcome to http://www.unit-conversion.info - the most comprehensive unit conversion website on the net today.

We've all run across this problem, whether it's with cooking recipies, physics equations or simple correspondence from a friend from half around the globe - different unit standards make successful communication tricky, and can sometimes lead to hilarious and/or dangerous errors.

No more! We've decided to put together a single website that can help you with converting whatever you want converted into units you understand. From the common feet to meters and gallons to liters, to more sophisticated measurement units like shoe and clothes sizes, we have it all here in one place. Bookmark our site - you'll be coming back!

Examples of online tools on site:

Measurement conversion mass and weight, distance and length, capacity and volume, temperature, and many more physical quantities.

Clothing sizes womens, mens and childrens clothing, shoes and hats sizes.

Text tools text converts and generators, changing letter case, number and text generators, HTML tools, text encryption, creating hash.

Math calculators percentage calculator, Pythagorean theorem, geometrical figures - equations and calculators of surface area or perimeter, geometrical 3D shapes equations and calculators of volume or surface area