Mens Percent Body Fat - Durnin and Womersley Method

About Mens Percent Body Fat - Durnin and Womersley Method tool.

Calculating your body fat might seem like a silly idea, but actually it can not only be done using various mathematical equations, it can also be helpful when deciding on a diet or a training regime. Knowing yourself is the first step on the road to fitness and our body fat percentage calculators will help you achieve just that.

Durnin and Womersley -  yet another method of calculating total body fat percentage, considered to be highly accurate, it is valid for people between the age of 17 and 68.

This method uses skin folds from 4 different points to measure body fat percentage.

  1. Biceps
  2. Subscapular
  3. Suprailiac
  4. Triceps

Percentage body fat table:

% BF males%BF females
lean< 12< 17
acceptable12 - 2117 - 28
moderately overweight21 - 2628 - 33
overweight> 26> 33