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most often used measurement conversion

drops to milliliters converter
1 drop is equal 0.051342933268919 milliliter use this converter
milliliters to drops converter
1 milliliter is equal 19.476877076 drops use this converter
gallons [US, fluid] to liters converter
1 gallon [US, fluid] is equal 3.785411784 liters (L) use this converter
liters to gallons [US, fluid] converter
1 liter is equal 0.26417205235815 gallon [US, fluid] use this converter
tablespoons [US] to milliliters converter
1 tablepoon [US] is equal 14.78676478125 milliliters (mL) use this converter
milliliters to tablespoons [US] converter
1 milliliter is equal 0.067628045403686 tablepoon [US] use this converter
teaspoons [US] to milliliters converter
1 teaspoon [US] is equal 4.92892159375 milliliters (mL) use this converter
milliliters to teaspoons [US] converter
1 milliliter is equal 0.20288413621106 teaspoon [US] use this converter


Cooking - the act of preparing a meal, usually using some form of temperature treating in the process. Cooking recipes often contain units of measurement that might not seem precise, that’s why a unit converter can be especially useful in the kitchen.

accessible units

cup [US], dash, dessertspoon [US], dessertspoon [UK], dram[US fluid], dram[UK fluid], drop, fifth, fluid ounce [US fluid, fl oz], fluid ounce [UK fluid, fl oz], gallon [US, fluid], gallon [US, dry], gallon [UK], gill [US], gill [UK], liter, milliliter, pint [US, fluid], pint [US, dry], pint [UK], quart [US, fluid], quart [US, dry], quart [UK], tablepoon [US], tablepoon [Food and Drug Administration], teaspoon [US], teaspoon [Food and Drug Administration]

About Cooking Unit Conversion tool.

This Unit Conversion program uses custom rounding routines to avoid results such as 3.9999999999 instead of 4.  It rounds the result to 13 significant digits instead of rounding to some number of decimal places, therefore producing superior results for very big or very small initial values and conversion factors.  It accepts scientific notation and converts immediately.