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Most often used measurement conversion

Maxwells to Webers (Mw to Wb) conversion
1 Maxwell (Mw) is equal 1.0E-8 Weber (Wb) use this converter
Webers to Maxwells (Wb to Mw) conversion
1 Weber (Wb) is equal 100000000 Maxwells (Mw) use this converter
Microwebers to Milliwebers (µWb to mWb) conversion
1 Microweber (µWb) is equal 0.001 Milliweber (mWb) use this converter
Milliwebers to Microwebers (mWb to µWb) conversion
1 Milliweber (mWb) is equal 1000 Microwebers (µWb) use this converter


Magnetic Flux - a physics term, the magnetic flux is a vector field in which every point in both time and space is described by a vector showing the force of the moving charge.

Magnetic flux formula:

Φ = B * S
B - magnitude of the magnetic field
S - area of the surface

Units of measurement

Gauss square centimeter (G·cm²), Magnetic flux quantum, Maxwell (Mw), Microweber (µWb), Milliweber (mWb), Nanoweber (nWb), Tesla square meter (T·m²), Volt-second (Vs), Weber (Wb)

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