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Most often used measurement conversion

Candelas per square centimeter to Candelas per square foot (cd/cm² to cd/ft²) conversion
1 Candela per square centimeter (cd/cm²) is equal 929.0304 Candelas per square foot (cd/ft²) use this converter
Candelas per square foot to Candelas per square centimeter (cd/ft² to cd/cm²) conversion
1 Candela per square foot (cd/ft²) is equal 0.001076391041671 Candela per square centimeter (cd/cm²) use this converter
Lamberts to Nits conversion
1 Lambert (L) is equal 3183.0988618377 Nits use this converter
Nits to Lamberts conversion
1 Nit is equal 0.000314159265359 Lambert (L) use this converter


Luminance - a measure of the intensity of light in photometrics. It describes the amount of light passing through or being emitted by a specific area included in a solid angle. The SI unit of luminous intensity is the candela (cd) per square meter.

Units of measurement

Candela per square centimeter (cd/cm²), Candela per square foot (cd/ft²), Candela per square meter (cd/m²), Foot-lambert (fL), Kilocandela per square meter (kcd/m²), Lambert (L), Nit, Stilb

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