Capitalize sentence

About Capitalize sentence tool

Capitalize the first letter of the first word in a sentence. Instead of “see me run” you get “See me run” as the output. With some languages such as English the rules of standard grammar state that a complete sentence begins with a capital letter. A sentence can be a statement, request, or suggestion. It can also be a question or exclamation. A sentence normally includes a noun that acts as subject and a verb. Some languages allow subjects to be omitted.

Sentences can be simple, compound, of complex. A simple sentence includes a single clause. A compound sentence includes more than one clause and a conjunction. A complex sentence includes an independent and dependent clause.

A declarative sentence is the most common type of sentence. A question can request information or be rhetorical. An exclamation can also be a sentence. An imperative sentence is a command.

Use a complete sentence.

That is an example of an imperative sentence. Sentence length can determine the complexity of the sentence. In general, the more the number of words in a sentence, the more difficult it is to understand the sentence. The Gunning fog index is one measure of readability of writing in English. The index relates readability to the years of formal schooling needed to understand the sentence.