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About MD4 create hash online tool

Perform an MD4 output on the input data for the MD4 Message-Digest Algorithm. This cryptographic hash function was developed in the early 1990s and has a digest length of 128 bits. An attack against MD4 took place in 1995. Other attacks appeared later. MD4 is used for digest on Microsoft products. MD4 influenced MD5 and RIPMD algorithms. Here is an example output.
Input data
This is an example.

MD4 has not been considered secured since 1995 when the 1st successful collision attack against it was performed by one Hans Dobbertin. Back then, it took several seconds, but since then more efficient methods of attacking were developed and currently it only takes a couple of miliseconds. Authentication and digital signatures are two of many information security applications involving cryptographic hash. The hash functions can also be useful for fingerprinting, identification of duplicate data, detection of data corruption, and creation of hash tables. Cryptographic hash values are sometimes called hash values or checksums or digital fingerprints. Security provided by a hash algorithm depends on it being able to produce a unique value. A collision occurs when you get the same hash value for different data. A strong hash value is resistant to computational attacks. With a weak hash it could be possible to produce a collision. A broken hash is where collisions occurred.