Salsa create hash online

About Salsa create hash online tool

Perform a Salsa10 or Salsa20 output on the Input data. Salsa20 is a stream cipher. It is built on a function based on 32-bit addition and rotation operations. It provides reasonable hardware performance and has been optimized for certain architectures. Hash keying is also known as convergent encryption. This keying and encryption is a cryptosystem that produces ciphertext from plain text. What is interesting is the fact that salsa20 is not protected by patent law, in fact it’s creator, Daniel J. Bernstein has submitted several possible implementations to the public domain, additionally optimizing it for the more common computer architectures. Despite many attempts, this encryption is yet to be completely broken. Partial success was achieved in 2005, 2007 and 2008, with the 2005 attempt by Paul Crowley earned him a one thousand dollars prize for providing the "most interesting Salsa20 cryptanalysis".