Remove spaces

About Remove spaces tool

Remove spaces in text that you enter or paste into the Input window. Unlike the “Remove extra spaces” utility, this “Remove spaces” utility removes all spaces. To use “Remove spaces” follow these steps. See the following example as a reference.

  • 1. Enter or paste into the Input window the text where you want no spaces at all to appear.
  • 2. See the text appear in the Output window with no space at all as shown in the example.

Here is the example.

Input data This is an example of the "Remove spaces" facility. It removes spaces between words as well as at the end of sentence or anywhere that there is any space at all. In the Output window you will see this Input appear with no spaces at all.

Output Thisisanexampleofthe"Removespaces"facility.Itremovesspacesbetweenwordsaswellasattheendofsentenceoranywherethatthereisanyspaceatall.IntheOutputwindowyouwillseethisInputappearwithnospacesatall.