Capitalize words

About Capitalize words tool

Convert text to make each word start with an initial uppercase or capital letter. For example “See me run” becomes “See Me Run” instead. One rule of standard English is to capitalize a proper noun that is a specific person (such as John Smith), place (such as Paris), or thing (such as the Eiffel Tower).

Another rule is to capitalize the first word of a sentence or quote such as he said, “Yes, I will.”  The names of days and months such as Tuesday and January are also capitalized as are holidays such as Halloween and Memorial Day. Capitalize a person’s title when used with their name such as President Smith will speak, and when a president speaks we always attend.

Capitalize a direction when it refers to an area such as when you come from the West, but do not capitalize if you refer to a direction such as I go north on Main Street every day.  Capitalize words such as Main Street when they refer to a specific location not just a street in the city.  Concerning capital letters in other languages, these vary greatly from language to language with German a particular example of rules that depart from English standard usage.

Some writing systems make no distinction between uppercase and lowercase.