Column extractor

About Column extractor tool

Extract columns from the data in the Input window. You specify which column to extract and can use delimeters such as a period, comma, colon, letter, or code. To use this utility, follow these steps.

  • 1. Paste or type text into the Input window.
  • 2. For the "Column number" field, place the column number to be extracted, for example, 2.
  • 3. For the "delimiter" field, place a value that can be what separates the columns such as space, comma, period, colon, letter, number, or code. A line without the delimiter will produce no output.
  • 4. See the Output window for the result.

Take, as in the example, a case where you want to extract the second column with a “period” text delimiter. You would see the results in for the second column in the Output window. This could be useful for column data extraction functions when working with a text file and preparing columns of data for analysis. This could also be useful for data mining applications to work with data in columns.  

Here is an example.

  • Input data
  • Red. Apple. Small.
  • Yellow. Banana. Medium.
  • Green. Pea. Large.
  • Column number
  • 2
  • Delimiter
  • .
  • Output:
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Pea