Shuffle letters

About Shuffle letters tool

Randomize the letters in a text so that the letters do not make up words that you originally enter.  For example for apple you would see aplep instead.

The term of shuffling comes from the process where you randomize a deck of playing cards. This provides chance in the card game and helps to make sure that the shuffling process provides a random and not predictable outcome.  This comes from the gambling industry where chance is an important element of games as in casinos where shuffling machines lessen the burden on a human shuffler.  Randomization can be a complicated process involving ideas of true randomization and probability that you will never get the same sequence. Sometimes several shuffles are need for what could be considered good randomization.  The number of shuffles can help with the randomization process. Mathematicians and individuals at organizations such as Bell Labs have done research on shuffles and randomization.

Computer algorithms perform shuffles that provide randomization of results.  With some applications related to gambling or other commercial applications, randomization and shuffling can be important factors.  Knuth shuffle or Fisher-Yates shuffle are two techniques that relate to randomization and of concern to programmers.  Persi Diaconis is a mathematician who studied the question of shuffling and randomization and authorized papers on the subject in the 1980s and later.  Trefethen is another individual who has done research on the topic.