Reverse words

About Reverse words tool

Place words in a sentence in reverse order. Here is an example. See me sing. sing me See.

This is one strategy of transformation of text that involves transformation for uses such as HTML and plain text that do not support such a transformation.  HTML does not allow for such transformation so this utility can provide for a reverse text transformation. The reverse text that appears in the Output area provides a straight forward transformation.

Possible use could be encoding or for uses with Arabic languages that are left to right. Another possible use is storing passwords in a database in a way that would make the passwords unreadable.

Other utilities provide for more variations in transformation such as flipping horizontally, inverting characters, turning characters, rotating characters, mirror writing, mirror images, applications for Cyrillic characters, and special typefaces.

The term “text transformations” includes tools that change the features of text. Some of the examples of this category include spell check, word prediction software, speech recognition software, and other software programs.