GOST create hash online

About GOST create hash online tool

Use the GOST hash function for the text you enter in the Input window. The GOST hash function is defined in GOST standards and was originally defined in a Russian national standard. It is a cryptographic hash function.
Here is an example.
Input data
This is standard text to be converted.

Gost turns messages of different lengths into a specific length, 256 bit result. The result is divided into eight 32 bit parts, and filled up with enough zeros as needed to increase the size of the message to the desired 256 bits.

An 2008 attack was documented to have broken the full round GOST hash function. Hash keying is also known as convergent encryption. This keying and encryption is a cryptosystem that produces ciphertext from plain text.

Cloud computer is one area where hash keying has an application. This is because with hash keying you complete operations without giving the provider access to encryption tools. This process was developed in the mid 1990’s. In 2011 Bitcasa – a cloud storage provider – announced use of hash keying, giving the system promotion.