About Rot13 tool

Convert your input to Rot13 using this utility. Short for “rotate by 13 places” the ROT13 (or ROT-13) cipher replaces a letter with the letter 13 letters after it in the alphabet. Providing no cryptographic security, Rot13 is an example of a weak encryption.

Developed in ancient Rome, this cipher, in the Latin alphabet, is an inverse. This means that to undo Rot13 you use the same algorithm. You can use the same algorithm for coding or decoding. In other words, you exchange letters from the first half of the alphabet with letters from the second half. For example, A becomes N, and B becomes O. Numbers, spaces, and punctuation marks do not change.

The purpose is not to create security but just to make it difficult to read a message. Certain applications that include browsers or text editors use Rot13 encryption for email addresses to discourage spamming.

Certain online forums use Rot13 to hide puzzle solutions or other material. It has also provided a foundation for word games.
The following shows input and output for an example.
Input data
Here is an example.
Urer vf na rknzcyr.