Convert text to uppercase

About Convert text to uppercase tool

Convert text to all uppercase letters. Here is an example. The word hello becomes HELLO.

Also called capital letters, caps, and upper-case, uppercase refers to letters in certain languages. In Latin script, the first three letters of the alphabet appear in uppercase letters are A, B, C, while in lowercase they appear as a, b, c. Another Western language that uses uppercase is Cyrillic. Some languages have no uppercase. Normally, if a letter has an uppercase, the letter has a corresponding lowercase. Grammar rules and conventions normally determine when to use uppercase though stylistic elements such a title can also determine when to use upper case. Proper nouns often appear with an initial cap or in upper case.

Acronyms such as ASCII or HTML often appear with uppercase for all the letters. An initial upper case letter appears in standard English conventions such as capitalizing a proper noun, first word of a sentence, name of days and months such as Monday and January, and names of religious and non-religious holidays such as Christmas and Memorial Day. Instead of HTML, you can sometimes see html, but this is not normally considered standard style and should be converted to upper case. Examples of other uses of upper case are explained in references such as the Chicago Manual of Style.