Text statistics generator

About Text statistics generator tool

Produce statistics for text passages to include values for example for the number of words. The number of characters is another example of statistics. Other stats include number of sentences and lines.

This can be useful when preparing text that needs to been a certain number of words or characters.  It can also help you determine information about the readability of text such as average word length. If you have an audience with a certain grade level, for example, third grade, you would want to adjust the number of words per sentence to be less than that if you have a higher grade level, such as eleventh grade. The same could be true for word length where an audience with a third grade reading level could be more comfortable with a shorter word length than an audience with a higher grade reading level.

This utility can also be useful if you are preparing plain English or other text you are preparing for translation to another language. Length without white space can also be useful to the readability of material.  Here are some examples of what text statistics can cover.

Length: 895 characters

Length without white-space: 728 characters 


Lines: 6.

Words: 162

Sentences: 9

Unique words: 95

Unique words(%): 59%

Length of shortest word: 1 characters

Length of longest word: 10 characters

Avg. word length: 4.49