Clean text

About Clean text tool

Convert text that does not follow the rules of standard grammar into text that is more grammatically correct. Spaces appear where they should. An upper case letter also appears where it should. Instead of the first block of text in this example, you get the corrected text as shown.

This sentence has a needs help.

This I know.         this is true.

These two lines get fixed to show the following with a space after “problem” and no line space, as shown in the following. Plus the large amount of space after “know” is fixed. Where “this” is lowercase you see cleaned text with it in uppercase as it should be since it starts a new sentence.

This sentence has a problem. It needs help. This I know. This is true.

Paste the text you want to clean into the input window and the cleaned text appears in the output window. If you place a large amount of text into the window you will see convenient scroll bars appear. This is a useful tool that can help you with spacing issues and issues with an initial capital to start a sentence. You can use this feature as a first step to cleaning up text that you have typed quickly with errors.